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Mediation is a confidential, voluntary process that ensures the outcome of the decision-making process remains in the control of the parties.

Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to discuss their issues, clear up misunderstandings, identify separate and mutual interests, and find areas of agreement. The purpose of mediation is to help people resolve disputes with one another, or at least better manage their disputes.

Litigation is expensive and costs are not limited to the financial implication of obtaining binding results through contested court action. Litigation is emotionally expensive; time consuming; and often has adverse effects on the very relationships that you are fighting to protect.

Non-monetary cost associated with litigation includes, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Diversion of Time
  • Diversion of Energy
  • Impact on Relationships
  • Unwelcome Publicity
  • Loss of Privacy

Mediation provides you with more control over the issues and the solution. Weather a single mediation session or multiple mediation sessions, harnessing the ability to voice your concerns, brainstorm solutions and reach a resolution without the uncertainties of court involvement results in a more cost effective, tailored resolution of your issues.

Graph charting control and which divorce option is best.

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At NoCo Medication Center, you will work with an experienced family law practitioner to help you identify the issues in your case, develop a road map and reach resolutions that will allow you and your family to move forward.

Interested in scheduling a mediation; contact NoCo Mediation Center today to start your journey towards a resolution.

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