Probation & Deferred Sentence Revocations

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Probation & Deferred Sentence Revocations in Fort Collins, Co


A revocation of your sentence can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. The State often considers probationary sentences and deferred sentence offers a “gift”, unwilling to give you a second change without a jail sanction imposed. At Rachel A. Michael, LLC we utilize creative and result-driven solutions to avoid unnecessary jail time and other collateral consequences. 

Our Criminal Defense Advocates can assist with reinstatement of probation and protecting your deferred sentence status. Contact Rachel A. Michael, LLC today at (970) 616-6668 to champion for your future.

Revocations may occur if:

  • You have been charged with a new law violation. 
  • You have not completed terms and conditions on time
  • You have missed probation appointments
  • You have missed DV or Alcohol Classes
  • You have missed drug and alcohol testing

If a Complaint to Revoke has been filed in your case it is important for you to regain compliance with probation as soon as possible. Contact Rachel A. Michael, LLC to discuss your options.

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