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Quiet and swift, a criminal investigation can catch you off guard; turning your life upside down in the blink of an eye.  Law enforcement will often want to speak with you to get “your side of the story” and lead you to believe they are on your side. It is critical to secure competent and aggressive legal counsel prior to communicating with law enforcement about any allegations; even those without merit. Law enforcement may attempt to contact you directly or use the allege victim to contact you via phone or text in what’s known as a “pre-text” communication, to lure you into apologizing for alleged criminal conduct or admitting guilt. 

As soon as you become aware of a criminal investigation, contact Rachel A. Michael, LLC to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Criminal Defense Team to discuss your options. We will act as a liaison between you and law enforcement to ensure your Constitutional rights are protected and your silence preserved. 

Contact Rachel A. Michael, LLC to schedule a complimentary consultation today to protect your tomorrow. Give us a call at (970) 616-6668.

What to do if you become aware of a criminal investigation?

  • Decline to speak with law enforcement
  • Refrain from speaking with the complaining party directly or indirectly through friends or family
    • Do not respond to phone calls, texts or social media messages from the complaining witness to discuss the alleged misconduct
  • Consider and secure information regarding timeline, witnesses or alibi defenses

Let Our Fort Collins Criminal Defense Law Firm Help

Our Criminal Defense Team provides the following support for those accused of crimes but have not yet been charged:

  • Notice of Representation to Law Enforcement Agency and corresponding District Attorney’s Office
  • Client advisement of expected process and collateral agency involvement and consequences including but not limited to:
    • No Contact Orders
    • Bond Conditions
    • Department of Family Services Involvement
    • Licensing and Regulatory Agency Considerations 
  • 24/7 Availability to Law Enforcement Officials for filing updates
  • Analysis of pre-filing intervention with law enforcement and advice and guidance during attorney approved and attended meetings with investigators
  • Ongoing monitoring of Colorado Court E-Filing System regarding issuance of warrant and orchestration of relinquishment to appropriate law enforcement agency to avoid arrest at inconvenient hours or locations

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to discuss next steps. 

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