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In Colorado, an individual may request legal protection through a Civil Protection Order if they can show, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the alleged behavior by the opposing party created an “imminent danger” and the behavior is likely to continue if the Court does not grant protection. 

Once a Petition for a Civil Protection Order is submitted to the Court, if the Court finds imminent danger exists, a Temporary Protection Order (“TPO”) will be issued. The TPO must be served on the opposing party before it becomes effective. The Court will then hold a hearing to consider further arguments and evidence as to why a Permanent Protection Order should be granted or denied. 

Although a Civil Protection Order is just that, a civil matter, it can have criminal consequences. For example, if a party is served with a Temporary Protection Order and later contacts the complaining party, law enforcement could charge a Violation of a Protection Order, a Class 2 Misdemeanor. Such behavior may also be grounds for the Court to find that a Permanent Protection Order should be granted. 

If you are considering filing a Civil Protection Order, or if you have been served a Civil Protection Order, contact Rachel A. Michael, LLC to discuss your options. You don’t have to walk this path alone. 

Civil Protection Orders may impact the following:

  • Ability to possess a firearm 
  • International travel 
  • Employment opportunities
  • Current or future family law matters, including Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and Emergency Restriction Hearings

If you have been served a Temporary Protection Order:

  • Do NOT contact the opposing party directly or indirectly 
  • Comply with all restrictions contained in the Order, including but not limited to firearm restrictions and distance requirements between you and all parties listed in the Order
  • Appear for the Court date listed on the Order. If you fail to appear, a default judgement and permanent order may be issued against you.

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