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Allegations of unlawful sexual conduct against another are some of the most serious charges an individual can face. At Rachel A. Michael, LLC our criminal defense attorneys have handled hundreds of cases for individuals accused of such crimes. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  

Colorado Law provides various situations in which an individual may be charges with a crime involving an underlying sexual basis. Such situations include but are not limited to:

  • Unlawful Sexual Contact
  • Sex Assault on a Child
  • Sex Assault-Victim Incapable of Apprising Their Actions
  • Incest
  • Possession/Distribution of Child Pornography 
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender 

Sex crimes in Colorado often require some of the harshest penalties under state law which may include:

  • Sex Offender Registration 
  • Sex Offender Probation 
  • Sexually Violent Predator Designation 
  • Indeterminate Sentencing
  • Prohibitions against contact with minor family members
  • Prohibition against internet use
  • Restrictions on housing 
  • Limitations on pro-social activities 
  • Invasive monitoring and oversight by the Sex Offender Probation Department
  • Possible jail or prison sentence

At Rachel A. Michael, LLC we utilize a stable of experts to ensure your case is handled in all ways; always

Our Criminal Defense Team will consider, and may recommend, the use of the following experts to assist with the defense of your case:

  • Pre-Plea Sex Evaluation with SOMB Provider
  • Offense Specific Treatment with SOMB Provider
  • Deployment of defense investigator to collect evidence and interview witnesses
  • Polygraph technician 
  • Medical experts to review and retort:
    • DNA Analysis
    • Sane Examination
    • Alleged Victim Medical/Mental/Emotional Health Concerns
  • Crime Scene Investigators
    • Reconstruction of scene of alleged crime

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