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Are you facing criminal accusations as a student on campus? you should seek legal representation as quick as possible. You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are at and in a moment it can be taken away from you. Colleges and Universities have taken a strict approach to all levels of crimes including mere allegations. If you have been charged with an alcohol offense, assault, harassment, drug violation or sex assault allegation it is important to contact Rachel A. Michael, LLC to understand the potential consequences your school make take against you, regardless of if a criminal case is filed and regardless of whether or not a criminal case is dismissed.

As college student and Title IX attorneys in Fort Collins, we value the importance of an education and are empathetic to having your future flash before your eyes due to a lapse in judgement. We work closely with Northern Colorado’s Colleges and Universities during criminal and Title IX investigations. We will light the path forward as you navigate allegations of misconduct to ensure your academic career and future remains in tact.

One mistake does not define you, it should guide you. Let Rachel A. Michael, LLC lead the way. Schedule your free consultation today!

Common College Student Offenses in Colorado

What a few years ago likely would have been deemed a typical indiscretion, consuming alcohol for example, now has significant consequences. Academic officials have taken the lead in implementing significant sanctions for mere allegations. Any criminal charge will likely lead to adverse action by the school.

Such charges include but are not limited to:

Even if the charges are dismissed, the school is likely to find you in violation of the Student Code of Conduct. For more information regarding the Student Code of Conduct follow the links below:

Experienced Student Criminal Defense in Northern Colorado

If you have been charged with a crime, are currently being investigated or have received any notice from Student Conduct or a Title IX Investigator, contact Rachel A. Michael, LLC for a free consultation  immediately. Anything you say or do at the school level can and will be used against you in a court of law and may lead to criminal charges.

Rachel A. Michael, LLC implements a proven strategy for preserving your rights while addressing the allegations. We recognize the need for a controlled, yet zealous, defense particularly when the allegations are untried, unproven and untrue. If you have received a Notice from your school outlining any misconduct, do not speak with the University until you have contacted Rachel A. Michael, LLC.

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