Fort Collins Pre-Divorce Planning

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At Rachel A. Michael, LLC & NoCo Mediation Center, we seek resolution always, in all ways. While the traditional Divorce process accommodates some cases, those Parties with one eye towards resolution and another on their pocketbook may be better suited to engage in Divorce Mediation when the following circumstances apply:

  • Both Parties agree the marriage is irretrievably broken
  • Both Parties are open and receptive of the mediation process
  • The relationship is free from mental, emotional, financial, physical or sexual abuse
  • Both Parties have the ability and willingness to compromise
  • If children are involved, both Parties agree to love their children more than they dislike each other
  • Parties are able and willing to provide necessary, complete and transparent information for a resolution of all issues (i.e. Financial Disclosures).

We’ve created our Divorce Mediation Packages to match your needs with cost effective avenues designed to move you forward. Our Attorney/Mediator and Mediation Coordinator/Paralegal will work with the Parties to reach a resolution by providing compassionate and knowledgeable guidance and support.

Our experienced Family Law Attorney/Mediator will also assist with the drafting of the following documents if applicable:

  • Case Information Sheet
  • Co-Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • Separation Agreement
  • Parenting Plan
  • Child Support Worksheet
  • Certificate of Compliance

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