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Rachel A. Michael, LLC’s Unbundled/Limited Scope Legal Services allows you to have our knowledgeable Family Law Team in your corner for a specific or limited portion of your matter. With our Unbundled/Limited Scope Package, Rachel A. Michael, LLC’s dedicated and respected Family Law Attorneys can assist you with your matter as much or as little as you need; remaining behind the scenes while providing you with access to our Team.

We offer Unbundled Legal Services for Family Law matters so that we can be your lighthouse while you remain at the helm of your ship and your future. With Rachel A. Michael, LLC’s Unbundled/Limited Scope Package, our knowledgeable Family Law Team assist with a specific portion of the case or legal issue without filing a formal Entry of Appearance. This allows you to pick and choose how much assistance you need and on what issues. It also allows you to strategically receive sound legal advice and guidance without informing the opposing party you have an attorney in your corner.

Our Unbundled/Limited Scope Package allows you to “pay as you go” at the Attorney and/or Paralegal hourly rate (paid in advance) to get the advice and guidance you deserve; at your pace and on your budget.

Rachel A. Michael, LLC’s Unbundled/Limited Scope Package is suited for those matters that meet the following criteria:

  • A case has already been filed with a Court maintaining jurisdiction of the matter
  • The legal issues can be broken down into separate steps that can be divided between you and an Attorney.
  • You understand the legal issues well enough so that you can work on your parts of the matter without relying on an Attorney.
  • You are realistic about your ability to handle all or some of the matter on your own.
  • You are able to appear in Court (in person or virtually) without the assistance of an Attorney to make arguments or present evidence, in accordance with the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Colorado Rules of Evidence, Local Court Rules and Chief Judge Directives.
  • You are able to fully understand and correctly interpret legal definitions, Court Rules and the Colorado Revised Statutes.
  • You have access to, and an understanding of, technology that would allow you to complete your parts of the matter that you are responsible for (efiling, e-signatures, discovery disclosures etc.).

Our Unbundled/Limited Scope Package provides the following:

  • Complimentary 1 Hour Virtual Strategic Planning Session with one of Rachel A. Michael, LLC’s experienced Family Law Attorneys
  • Execution of Unbundled/Limited Scope Professional Services Agreement
  • Low initial retainer with services to be billed at the Firm’s applicable Hourly Rates
  • Virtual or Phone Strategic Planning Sessions with our experienced Family Law Attorneys as needed
  • Virtual or Phone appointments with our experienced Family Law Paralegals as needed
  • Document Drafting Sessions as needed
  • Case Strategy Sessions as needed
  • Mediation Coaching Sessions as needed
  • Ability to transition to Full Representation at any time

Is our Unbundled/Limited Scope Package right for you? Contact us at (970) 616-6668 or complete our online contact form. 

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