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Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mediation take?

That depends on the number of issues and the complexity of each issue that you are mediating. In most jurisdictions in Colorado, you are required to mediate before your case will be heard by a District Court Judge. The length or amount of necessary mediations will vary based on the complexities of each case. At NoCo Mediation Center, we require you to schedule your first mediation session for at least 2.5 hours.

Who pays for mediation?

The Parties generally equally share the cost of mediation. However, the Parties may also agree to an alternative arrangement which is not uncommon.

How do I pay for mediation?

Your mediation fees may be paid online. Please include the name of the Parties; case number, if there is a pending case, and date of mediation in reference line of the payment link.

What do I need to bring to mediation?

We request information be submitted via email no later than 72 business hours prior to your scheduled mediation. If you are unable to provide the documentation electronically, please contact us immediately so that we work with you to secure alternative arrangements.

Can I bring someone with me to mediation who is not my attorney?

NoCo Mediation Center recognizes the emotional toll your case has caused. However, it is important to ensure that you, and you alone, are participating in the mediation process without interference. The Center’s default policy is that mediation sessions include only the parties and their attorneys, however, if you believe a support person will assist you in completing a fruitful mediation session, alert NoCo Mediation Center no later than five (5) business days prior to your mediation as to who you would like to appear with you. Non-Parties must be approved by the mediator

What happens if we can’t resolve all of the issues?

Some cases can’t be resolved in a single mediation session. At NoCo Mediation Center we welcome the scheduling of additional sessions at the conclusion of each mediation. For certain parties or issues, mediation may not be the solution, but we encourage all parties to attempt to resolve without court involvement.

What happens if we do resolve all of the issues?

If all issues are resolved, NoCo Mediation can assist with the drafting of documents. Contact us today to discuss fees and costs associated with the preparation of documents.

I want to participate in Mediation but live out of state.

NoCo Mediation Center offers appearance at mediation via Skype. Contact us for more details.

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