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Colorado Title IX Investigations

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Title IX is a federal law that is meant to protect college and university students, namely females, from sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination on campus or during education related activities. Due to unusual stipulations in the law, though, Title IX has become easy for dishonest people to abuse by creating falsified or exaggerated claims of incidents in order to unfairly punish the alleged offender. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos of the Trump Administration announced in 2017 her intention to have Title IX repealed or modified in order to stop fabricated reports.

Whether the proposed changes to Title IX are approved or not, hundreds, if not thousands, of college students around the country are falsely accused of sexual assault or rape each year. In Colorado, students in such a harrowing situation can turn to Rachel A. Michael, LLC for legal protection during Title IX investigations and any criminal proceedings that could follow. As a former prosecutor, Fort Collins criminal defense Attorney Michael has insight, knowledge, and leverage that most defense lawyers do not, giving our clients a strong advantage in all sorts of cases.

Attorney Rachel Michael can represent students from:

  • University of Northern Colorado Greeley
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • Colorado State University
  • And more

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Issues with Title IX Investigations

Title IX has been ridiculed since its creation decades ago due to its one-sided approach to investigations and punishments for alleged offenses. Most college and universities who find themselves accused of sex crimes against another student are never afforded the opportunity to adequately defend themselves, or even explain their side of the story.

The two most significant problems with Title IX claims and investigations are:

  1. Forced action: As soon as a university becomes aware of a sexual harassment allegation, it must immediately take action to address the situation, or else it could face fiscal penalties enacted by the government. Since the university’s investigation must begin without any delay, the defendant typically has no idea he or she has been targeted by the investigation until it is well underway, putting them at a significant disadvantage.
  2. No due process: Title IX investigations are completely independent from usual criminal justice systems and procedures. Administrators at the university have the authority to penalize the alleged defender, regardless of any proof of innocence or the lack of any proof of guilt. Due to societal pressures to prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and abuse in schools, campus administrators may assume the only right decision is punishing the defendant.

Penalties Used in Title IX Investigations

Due to the fact that a Title IX investigation is not a criminal investigation, both the process and the possible penalties will be different. Administrators can use some discretion when deciding if the defendant should be penalized, and, if so, to what degree.

Consequences that could arise due to a Title IX investigation and hearing include:

  • Expulsion from campus
  • Removal from certain classes
  • Reputation of student destroyed
  • Educational career derailed

With the significant harm that can be done to the accused student’s education in mind, it is important to remember that criminal charges can still be filed and tried by the state. Even if the defendant is excused by Title IX investigations, he or she could be convicted by the state, and vice versa. For this reason and more, it is crucial to retain the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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Despite Title IX investigations not being part of traditional criminal processes, students targeted by such investigations are permitted to retain a criminal defense lawyer for counsel, guidance, and representation at hearings. Contact our law firm to speak with a trusted, experienced Fort Collins Title IX defense attorney today. Free initial consultations are available for prospective clients.

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